Hospitality Systems  has been in the consultancy business since 2007. It was previously known as RDL & Associates Pty Ltd but changed it’s name to Hospitality Systems around 2016 to reflect  that it also offered specific Software and Apps to the Large hotels as well as consultancy services to a wide range of industries including Services, Finance Fintechs, manufacturing as well as a Merger and Acquisitions.

Hospitality Systems is  overseen  by Ralph Long, who is both the Managing Director and Head of Consulting.

We are a specialised consultancy helping SME’s succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s tough and competitive markets.

We special in helping  firms  (between $5 and $100 million revenue), change and grow to meet the challenges the encounter which holds them back.

Deal with the Managing Director Directly

Ralph Long ,the Managing Director will always oversee and manage the project Directly.  We only take on a few projects a year to ensure that you receive the attention that you deserve.  

We understand the total picture of what it actually takesas as we have actually managed and run successful businesses ourselves – not just working in a consultancy all our lives.

Ralph is highly qualified to help you  being a CEO and shareholder having  built a business from virtually nothing to a $400 M business and sold it one Australia’s leading  Banks. He has also been a CEO of a USA Technology company  based inn the USA and Executive consultant  to a range of SM’Es in Australia.

Ralph has an MBA from Melbourne Business School, with a double degree in Marketing and Psychology

Ralph  and his team happily works with  the Owners, Board, Management and Staff  to  help your business succeed.