Product Features


RoomReady will change the way you manage Hotel room cleaning  forever. The advanced Room allows you to assign staff, cleaning carts to any floor any room  you want.


VInspect allows you to  use any device eg iPhone or tablet. to manage and inspect your hotel or  Self-serviced apartments to ensure the highest level of standards are maintained


VProperty has been designed for multiple Properties in mind. As an App, it allows property inspectors to make sure properties are  maintained and meet the corporate brand experience


VRepair allows smaller Accomodation motels, hotels to stay on top of their maintenance issues. It is an app that allows you to keep track , photos, send and follow up repairs and issues in your rooms.


Travelight the Vtag App will be arriving Soon.

Stay tuned for the App that that  will allow you to travel baggage free from the airport to the hotel and back again!